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            National comprehensive review of water environment will be h

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                    In the national water environment comprehensive renovation site, the Minister of Environmental Protection Chen Jining on Zhejiang five water administration given a high evaluation, and that there are five points worthy of summary.

                    April 20, the national water environment comprehensive renovation site will be held in Zhejiang Jinhua Pujiang County, from the provinces of more than 170 environmental protection, water management cadres, gathered Puyang River, the field of water environment control to bring this change in the middle of Zhejiang The

                    Five water common governance refers to the "sewage treatment, flood control, drainage water, water supply, grasping water" five work. "Five water" is to "co-governance", due to "five water" interlinked, the nature of each other, the need for industry linkage, upstream and downstream linkage. 2014 is the Zhejiang provincial government put forward the "five common governance," the beginning of the year, and set a "three-step" timetable: 3 years to solve the outstanding problems, obviously effective; 5 years to solve the basic problem, ; 7 years basically no problem, to achieve qualitative change.

                    Two years ago, the Zhejiang provincial government in Jinhua Pujiang started the "five common governance" first shot. Under the leadership of the provincial party committee and provincial government, Jinhua city insisted on the transformation of water and water for the purpose of "the rule of law, scientific water control, iron control of water, flood control" for the general principle, full and full speed to promote the "five common governance."

                    Two years later, the Puyang River exit section water quality stable to class Ⅲ water, become the province's first "Qing Sanhe" standard county. Jinhua all the exit section of the city water quality all meet the Class Ⅲ standard, all the flow of all cross-section of the eradication of Ⅴ class, urban and rural environment changed significantly, for two consecutive years was named Zhejiang "five common governance" work excellent city.
                   In the national water environment comprehensive renovation site, the Minister of Environmental Protection Chen Jining on Zhejiang five water administration given a high evaluation, pointed out that Zhejiang achieved four changes:

                    First, in the concept of ideas from the simple pursuit of GDP to green development concept of change;
                    Second, in the strategic objectives from the main pollutants from the emission reduction to environmental quality improvement;
                    Third, in the institutional mechanism from the environmental protection department alone to the party and government with the same responsibility to take a co - management change;
                    Fourth, in the method of advancing from top to bottom to the top down and down to the combination of forward to promote change.

                    For the results of five water governance, Chen Jining that there are five points worthy of summary:

                    First, the quality of the system-oriented governance, the second is the overall control of water and land simultaneously, the third is the implementation of party and government at the same level, the fourth is to establish a system of strict law enforcement, five market-oriented universal governance.